Risk Management
through training & culture.

Our mission is to design and develop the best
risk management strategies customized to your program.
The quest for adventure lives at the core of all of our staff and often drives us to climb high in the mountains and descend deep river canyons. Whether we are working with clients on a detailed risk management plan or high on a snow-covered mountain ridge, success is defined by our ability to actively engage them in the applied concepts associated with developing a culture that embraces appropriate risk while holding the community responsible for any unnecessary deviations. We believe risk is essential and that risk management requires more than a simple plan – we look forward to working with you.
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Our History

Experiential Adventures was founded in 2005 by Mat Erpelding. In 2008, he partnered with Geoff Harrison to develop a company that would design and implement risk management plans in a new innovative way. Geoff and Mat believe that risk management is about the organizational culture, first. Organizations with an honest and authentic culture tend to hold one another accountable, not out of a punitive outcome, but because every teammate wants to see the organization improve. This coupled with extensive planning, training, and intentional design is the basis for a high-quality risk management plan.

Together, with a talented facilitation team, they offer clients hands-on training in a fun and progressive learning environment. Experiential Adventures, LLC works with companies and clients in both domestic and international locations and with a variety of populations.

Our Fantastic Team

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Mat Erpelding

Founder & Managing Partner
In addition to EA, Mat is an adjunct faculty member at Boise State University teaching leadership development classes for the College of Innovation and Design. Over the years, Mat has worked with diverse audiences ranging including the Singapore Air Force, DirecTV, University of Hong Kong, and the Idaho Commission on the Arts. Mat received his master’s degree from the University of Idaho in Adult Education and Organizational Learning.

Currently, Mat serves as the Assistant Minority Leader in the Idaho House of Representatives. He is serving his second, 2-year, term representing District 19 (north boise) after winning his first election in 2012. He is the ranking minority member on several standing committees including Revenue and Taxation, Resources and Conservation, Agricultural Affairs. He also serves on the House Ways and Means Committee.  As an elected official, Mat believes that the best governance comes from quality relationships, collaboration, and openness to other views.

When not in session, Mat actively works with groups to enhance teams, empower leaders, and foster collaboration. Mat believes that risk and challenge are essential to the learning process,  as both encourage reflection and develop increased awareness. Reflection coupled with intentional change improves leadership, interpersonal and problem-solving skills. Additionally, risk and challenge help clients find a clear connection between training experiences and real world application.

Mat is an accomplished high altitude climbing guide, and in his spare time, pursues challenge and risk in the mountains. His desire to pursue adventure has taken him all over the world including Argentina, Japan, Canada and Peru. He and his wife, Elizabeth, live in downtown Boise and, whenever possible, they both head to the mountains whenever possible.

Geoff Harrison

Consulting Partner

Currently, Geoff is in New Zealand finishing his PhD Entrepreneurial Management. Geoff has worked in the field of university and commercial recreation for 20 years and is the principal developer of the Boise State Outdoor Program, which includes a leadership development program, trips and education program, rental program, climbing wall and a newly opened university bike shop. He also has a background in publishing and event promotion.Additionally, Geoff worked as a commercial kayaking, rafting and climbing guide/instructor for domestic and international adventure travel businesses . He worked as the promoter of whitewater festivals, and an independent film festival . Geoff is well recognized and networked in the field of university outdoor recreation as he has served the Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education as a board member, the 2006 conference host, and as the interim national director. In 2010, Geoff was the recipient of the Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education’ s Jim Rennie Leadership Award.